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Javelin Spins UGC with Fan-Co-Created Custom Record Sleeves
November 25, 2009, 8:30 am
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Javelin Album Cover

Javelin Album Cover

Javelin Album Cover


In a great marriage of content and form, Brooklyn-based junk shop beatmakers Javelin are putting their remix skills to use on your record sleeves. For their upcoming 12″ release, “Number Two” (Feb 16 on Thrill Jockey), the duo is having fans send in empty record sleeves from their collections to be decorated by the band. Once jazzed-up Javelin-style, the sleeves are sent back, their new record neatly tucked inside. Playing user generated content wisely and leveraging the current fascination with high-touch, handmade, and cutsomized objects as brand souvenirs of sorts, the duo more importantly echoes their own musical philosophy and rummage-through-crates ethos: take someone else’s something old, make it their own, send it back into the world a strange and beautiful thing that’s greater than the sum of its parts. With all the sturm und drang about music in the digital age, it’s clear from Javelin’s media arts-savvy foray into packaging-as-medium that there are still plenty of innovative ways to engage meaningfully with audiences, to bring the brand (the band?) experience home organically.

Check out past examples here. For more info, head on over to Pitchfork.


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