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Not to beat a dead horse but…does anyone want to eat iSnack 2.0?
December 2, 2009, 10:21 pm
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Vegemite & iSnack 2.0

Left: Original Vegemite spread (Photo: StephenMitchell, Flickr); Right: Packaging for iSnack 2.0 and the “Name Me” contest (Photo: avlxyz, Flickr)

Vegemite crowdsources (that’s the word I was looking for–thank you idsgn!) itself the name iSnack 2.0 out of 48,000 user-generated names solicited for its new product launch and it’s yet another tally in the UGC-fail column.

It’s an excellent example of what I mean when I say that relying on users and audiences can be fruitless–even dangerous–if not guided and filtered carefully by the brand. That’s not to say that audiences should not inform a brand’s process–they absolutely should. But it seems we hear of so many embarrassing, expensive debacles in this arena (I’m looking at you, Heinz) that it warrants our time and attention to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and why. Perhaps if marketing professionals saw themselves as brand custodians more, and truly inhabited that role, we would have more responsible, effective, authentic, and long-term branding successes in UGC.


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