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Gap turns shopping on its head with Sprize and ambient in-store stunt
December 4, 2009, 5:37 pm
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Gap literally turned its Vancouver stores upside down for the launch of their new and innovative loyalty program, Sprize. Running with the tagline “Shopping turned on its head,” Gap printed upside-down bags, flipped their storefront logo, upended store displays, tables, dressing room mirrors, and mannequins–even a hot dog cart and a couple cars outside the store–all to get customers to see shopping in a new way: risk-free. Hand-standing performers outside the store, outfitted in Gap’s latest holiday collection, introduced the Sprize program to passersby, stressing through form, if not the actual details of the new program, then certainly its revolutionary effect on the shopping experience.

While the in-store stunt (orchestrated by Cossette) is an excellent physical translation of Gap’s Sprize message, the Sprize program itself is ingenious: buy whatever you want, as soon as you want it, whether at full price or not, without fear the price will drop aftwerwards. Why? Because with Sprize (currently available at 10 Vancouver Gap stores), if the price drops anytime after 45 days, you are automatically refunded the price difference, which you may use again in-store.

Essentially an automatic and extended-term price adjustment, this innovative loyalty program takes the anxiety out of holiday shopping, builds trust in the brand, and turns casual customers into repeat ones as they come in to spend their accrued Sprize dollars–invariably picking up more than they came for. As we know from all that marketing research, consumers are more anxious about and averse to losing or missing out on a benefit they already see as theirs, than they are about saving or getting something they have to seek out or earn (that is, they’re more concerned with not losing than with gaining, raising the value in their eyes of that which they opt out of), so this seems an excellent strategy to get people into stores to buy soon and buy often, because hey, they’d be silly to let their Sprize points go to waste, even if it means spending a little more out of pocket–right?

Take a look at how the in-store transformation took place:


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gap. what will they think of next? also, i find myself really entertained by the latest cheer-centric commercials for winter gear. especially the little girls – very clever

Comment by blair

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