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Pretty papercraft welcomes Topshop to Australia
December 15, 2009, 8:44 pm
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High TeaPost Box

Crown Jewels

Australian paper artist Benja Harney recently created a set of window and in-store displays entitled “Best of British” for the Australian launch of the British clothier Topshop, to be sold at Incu, an Australian multi-brand retailer. A part of Incu’s Window Project, whose installations tout local as well as global talent, Harney’s works will be showcased in Incu’s Paddington store. 

Celebrating the novelty and character of all things iconically British (including a Georgian post box, high tea, the crown jewels, and Heinz baked beans), the installations set a playful and heritage-centric mood for the British brand; buying Topshop is buying a little piece of Britain. (It’s exactly that subtlety that I love–it’s not pushing Topshop, it’s generating fondness for the culture to which Topshop grants access.) Having an Australian express the quintessentially British parallels Topshop’s entry into the Australian market: they’re British fashions, yes, but they’ll be represented and interpreted out in the world by Australian consumers. It’s very apropos. 

I think it’s sort of interesting that they selected for this mid-market retailer an artist that is also doing distinctive work for luxury brands like Hermes, considering that your average discount retailer’s windows are typically for moving product more than for creating artistry, brand mood. Bust as you can see from other installations from Incu’s Window Project, their approach to retail spaces is anything but average. Elevate window displays to art, and a little hi-touch high-end shine rubs off on the merchandise too. The gallery treatment suits Incu’s curator-like function as a multi-brand and aesthetically-adventurous store, of bringing in collections of interest for the edification and inspiration of locals.


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