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Elmex keeps you cavity-free, can’t help you bowl

Elmex Bowling Ball

Israeli agency Shalmor Avnon Amichay with Y&R Interactive rolled out 140 hole-less bowling balls at Israel’s largest bowling chain in a campaign for Elmex anti-cavity toothpaste. The trick balls are mixed in with regular ones at locations across the nation, and unsuspecting bowlers pick up them up to find, where the holes should be, only round stickers with the words “Helps prevent,” “Cavities,” and “Elmex.” It’s an excellent metaphorical demonstration of Elmex’s brand promise (just one of many from the media arts-smart brand), and it’s a stellar example of media arts in action.

For me, the measure of media arts is to consider the aptness of the medium, the cleverness, and (in ideal circumstances) the exclusively 1-to-1 made-for-each-other perfection of the match of content to medium. You have to ask yourself these questions: Does it take unique advantage of the medium or format? Could this message possibly be delivered any other way, this behavior demonstrated, in any other medium–or is this particular medium essential to the effect? To me, that’s media arts.


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