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The Auteurs top 10 movie posters of the decade
December 22, 2009, 10:39 pm
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Where the Wild Things Are

My favorite movie poster in recent memory (not on The Auteurs' list)

Film site The Auteurs has released their top 10 movie posters of the decade. They have The Savages and Palindromes on there; me, I’m a little illustrated out–chalk it up to oversaturation. (I’ll take retro clever over forced whimsy, though–I love their pick of Woody Allen’s Anything Else). My favorites are the ones that resist the formulaic, the ones that are visually-arresting and unsettling, the ones that are enduring works in their own right, the ones that effortlessly and imaginatively evoke the film’s spirit (I mean, as branding artifiacts, shouldn’t they all?). The truncated close-ups, the larger-than-life, the unafraid-of-white-space, the bold-and-graphic; anything but this nonsense. Or this or this or this. (Seriously, Professor Hollywood’s School of Big Buck$ Postermaking?)

It’s not my list–I’m not even sure exactly what all I’d choose if it were up to me–but I see my sensibilities overlapping with theirs to a large degree. (My personal favorite if not of the decade, then at least of the year, I’ve shared here because it just deserves to be seen: the sublime first poster for Where the Wild Things Are. I was sad not to see it included in the Auteurs list but hey, taste is taste and 10 posters is only so many.) I’ve thrown together my favorites from their list for you to see below. View the rest, and some amazing runners-up at their site.

Girlfriend Experience

#7 on The Auteurs: The Girlfriend Experience

Funny Games

#1 on The Auteurs: Funny Games

40 Year-Old Virgin

#3 on The Auteurs: 40 Year-Old Virgin

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

#4 on The Auteurs: I Am Trying To Break Your Heart


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