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Put this in your eyes: Law & Order tailored billboard
January 6, 2010, 5:06 pm
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Law & Order Billboard

Our friends at bAd Men brought us this brilliant billboard for TV staple Law & Order. We’ve discussed excellent media arts practice, and this is another terrific example–the content has an acute awareness of its medium, and leverages its unique context to deliver a cleverly tailored message and a compelling story–in this case, bringing the delicious drama of the time-worn procedural to the fore.

Once upon a time creating a cohesive campaign meant blind and ruthless copy-pasting of the same ad from medium to medium. Now is not once upon a time–thank God–and a sound, holistic campaign is one whose brand beliefs and behaviors provide a throughline. As seen in this execution, this more organic “rule” allows brands tremendous flexibility in seizing opportunities to tell the best story in the best ways–in ways that get their resonance from both content and medium (or rather, which meld the two seamlessly). It allows them to re-envision media, to create opportunities to tell the story they want to tell.


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