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A perfect day for banana faces: Chiquita redesigns label with 25 new face stickers
February 23, 2010, 6:10 pm
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A banana is a banana is a banana, right? Chiquita says no, and being perhaps the most recognizable brand in the space, thanks no doubt to its iconic blue-and-yellow stickers, it is in a position to do something about it. In a redesign aimed at making bananas playful, fun, and cool–and well, different–Chiquita designed 25 new attention-grabbing face stickers in the stalwart blue and yellow to turn instantly your average commoditized banana into an anthropomorphic potassium pod.

Recognizing that the little Chiquita sticker is the best branding asset at their disposal, the team sought to create bold and engaging personalities the bananas could take on through the stickers, and created a campaign around the notion “Don’t let another good banana go bad,” which in turn spawned an online hub that extends the brand experience through activities such as the Banana Boogie Battle game, in which fresh bananas do a dance-off against their spoiled and spotted counterparts, and “Banana Yo Face” in which users can create their own personalized sticker face from an assortment of features. It may not be getting people to voluntarily tattooo your brand name into their side (branding in the most literal sense–yuck), but the prospect of turning something as essentially mundane and functional as a product sticker into a brand artifact that entertains and in which people see value is pretty cool–when you think about it, it’s pretty absurd that someone would want to keep or share a brand sticker or a product tag, so if you’re actually connecting with audiences that way, more power to you.

View more images and read a great interview with DJ Neff of the design team here, in which Neff discusses how brand strengths, business insights, and audience behavior helped inform good design and effective branding. My favorite bit is in the brand equity section, which encapsulates the team’s media arts-savvy philosophy thusly: “When designing a brand for your product, make sure you know what party you are going to go to because what you wear speaks wonders about who you are.”


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