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Perfume-turned-cervical cancer commercial gives women the bait and switch
March 7, 2010, 8:08 pm
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cervical cancer

“Maybe it’s unfair to get your attention this way, but nothing’s fair about cervical cancer,” intones a voiceover towards the end of a new TV spot by pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline. The spot begins as a run-of-the-mill designer perfume ad–sumptuous ambience, tinkling music, beautiful woman, vapid-but-pretty discovery narrative–but quickly turns jarring, as the woman finds not an exquisite fragrance but instead deadly cervical cancer in a gleaming and innoccuous bottle. Startled, she turns away, and the voiceover reveals the spot’s PSA (-esque; obviously we understand the underlying objective is to sell more vaccines) purpose, adding the damning statistic that in the US, a woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer every 47 minutes, and urging viewers to visit helppreventcervicalcancer.com for information on vaccinations, medical tests, and lifestyle changes that can help prevent and detect this insidious disease.

The cleverest and subtlest in a series of ads run in GlaxoSmithKline’s Help Prevent Cervical Cancer campaign, this spot gets women’s attention by backing into the real issue when the viewer’s guard is down. Without being melodramatic, graphic, or preachy, the approach not only gets more attention in the first place by keeping its cause marketing identity secret until the critical moment, but also ultimately delivers a more effective message by provoking a very real and unsettling feeling of unease in those whose curiosity was piqued by the prospect of the latest luxury bauble, sophisticated spritz, or material acquisition–items whose pursuit seems particularly silly when compared to the paramount importance of securing our health and wellbeing.


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