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Welcome to I’m With The Brand–I’m thrilled you’re here!

This project started in earnest in November 2009 as a way for me to collect and consider the most interesting, innovative, challenging, exciting, and inspiring branding and media artifacts I came across—and to rail against the worst ones, too. In discussing brands and media, I also wanted to examine the larger cultural context which produced them, and in which they live and find their expression. This opened the door wide to an array of varied but nevertheless compelling interlocking topics: advertising, branding, technology, design, music, fashion, film, philanthropy, commerce, politics, literature, entertainment, and just about anything else worth knowing about. If I have a personal philosophy, it’s that if something is worth knowing—if it is a force in culture—I need to know about it. This blog is essentially an extension of that worldview.

In my first post, I framed the mission of this blog as “a cultural expedition, a place to discuss what’s exciting in the world, through a media arts and branding lens” and in so doing, I hope spark a thoughtful discourse about how brands live in the world and how audiences interact with them, to uncover and analyze the best of what’s going on out there, and to gather insights that can be synthesized and distilled into guiding principles brands can use to be smarter and to carve a meaningful niche for themselves in the cultural landscape.

So that’s the blog itself. Now on to me. I’m Arthi Vellore, a Los Angeles-based pop culture glutton with a branding and planning background. I’m a bit all over the place: I love too many things too much, and I hate just about as many things, if we’re being honest. Above all, I’m curious–I want to know more about more.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the media you choose to consume and the cultural artifacts you actively interface with say a lot about who you are and how you think, and in turn, inform who you are and how you think. In that spirit, it’s probably worthwhile for me use this space to share what’s been occupying my attention lately.

Always and Forevers:
Music: Ted Leo/Rx, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead
Movies: Hot Fuzz, Wet Hot American Summer, Volver, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Darjeeling Limited, Funny Face
TV: Mad Men, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Freaks & Geeks, Extras, Arrested Development, The State, Human Giant, Upright Citizens Brigade
Books: On Chesil Beach (Ian McEwan), The Road (Cormac McCarthy), Never Let Me Go (Kazuo Ishiguro), Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Jonathan Safran Foer), Stephen Crane poetry (come on)

Right now:
Watching: Six Feet Under, In the Loop
Reading: Lowboy (John Wray), A Room With A  View (EM Forster)
Listening: Beach House, Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian, Devendra Banhart
Looking: www.20×200.com, www.hipsterpuppies.tumblr.com
Enamored of: Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden (Otto Dix), grilled Caesar salad and the cast iron grill skillets that make them

I hope you have a blast picking through the pop cultural museum slash magpie’s nest of e-treasures and iJunk that is I’m With The Brand. I want this to be a vibrant and increasingly collaborative space to discuss and debate and challenge and share, so have at it! Happy reading, and feel free to shoot me a note at imwiththebrand (at) gmail (dot) com with any ideas, tips, musings, collaborations, etc you might be into!

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I was looking for an email address to contact you about doing a guest post for my website but it doesn’t seem you have one posted. I would give you a link back to my site so you could check it out but then this comment will go into your spam.

To put it simply, I just came across your blog and have really enjoyed the posts I’ve read so far and after reading your about section I see we seem to have a lot in common so I felt compelled to reach out to you.

My email is todd.vanluling@gmail.com if you wish to pursue this or at the very least get some more information about what I am even talking about. Sorry for being so vague but I don’t want to spam your comments section….

Thanks for reading this,

Comment by Doctorate Upholder

Sorry to bother you again…

just realized if i just name my site it probably won’t show up in spam.

my site is called Aesthetic Octopus if you want to google it and determine if you would like to guest post.

Comment by Doctorate Upholder

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