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Chanel to design luxury surfboards, because that is a thing that makes sense
March 5, 2010, 11:56 pm
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Oui! I am le maybe riding ze surfboard backwards on le concrete! Bonjour! Crusty bread!

Some genius at Chanel apparently decided the next logical step after bestowing the world with a classic suit, an iconic bag, and a timeless fragrance was to make luxury surfboards. Yeah. Luxury surfboards. The surfboards are rolling out in Brazil first and later at Chanel shops worldwide, and will presumably reach a public that has been clamoring–quite understandably–for coutoure watersports equipment.

The boards have the same simple, understated glamor of the Chanel aesthetic, but should a brand predicated on class, grace, and elegance really be moving into sporting gear? And it’s not even just as a one-off co-branding measure! They’re beautiful, but…seriously?



Take that, recession–Hennessey Paradis Horus is in town
December 22, 2009, 2:10 pm
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Paradis Horus

Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani has created an opulent new bottle for Hennessey’s new Paradis Horus cognac. Paradis Horus boasts flame-shaped packaging in the same radiant gold as its namesake (Horus is the Egyptian god of the sun), and features an oversized stopper reminiscent of the lavish headdress of ancient pharoahs (and, of course, of the cognac, that divine ambrosia, festively overflowing).

Plated in 18k gold and utlizing a new gold finishing technique, this sculptural bottle is a statement-maker and conversation piece: the bottle is clearly meant to be displayed, to be shown on a sideboard as a marker of luxury, status, and discerning taste–even as an art piece–a move that makes sense for a prestige brand like Hennessey, and a drink like cognac, meant for sophisticated entertaining.

It’s beautiful, it’s brash, it’s even insensitive. It’s a corporate jet to a bailout hearing. Conspicuous consumption of this sort is the ultimate let-them-eat-cake, but it works for Hennessey. It reinforces their promise of class that borders on crass, of larger-than-life, even reckless extravagance for those for whom ostentatious demonstration of wealth is even more important than wealth itself.

More views of the bottle–and some sumptuous concept sketches by Laviani–at designboom.

Paradis Horus

 Horus Comp