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Shirts cleaner than an ad man’s conscience: Clorox’s Mad Men DVD Insert
clorox insert

The front of Clorox's Mad Men DVD insert: "Getting ad guys out of hot water for generations"

Almost all the brands advertising during the broadcast of Mad Men go for the same approximate strategy: demonstrate long brand heritage, show old-timey product shots of packaging changes over the years, maybe throw in some footage from vintage commercials, go retro retro retro, and ape the program’s throwback aesthetic and theme almost as if the show’s buttoned-up 60’s vibe is the only thing anyone who loves it cares about. I’m not saying they’re not fun, interesting, beautiful ads–in fact, kudos to BMW, Canada Dry, Clorox, et al. for tailoring the ads so well to their media placement–I’m just saying they all start to look the same one after the other, until you’re thinking, I get it, you’ve been around a long time. You’re hip to what this show’s about. Can we please get back to the story now?

I suppose I don’t envy them–trying to come up with clever, innovative branding to tie in on a show that revolves around clever, innovative branding is a lot of pressure. It’s hard not to be self conscious in that weirdly-meta creative environment, to be sure.

But Clorox rose to the occasion with their Season 2 Mad Men DVD insert. A simple single-sheeter tucked discreetly into the 3D shirt-box-lookalike DVD packaging (a tip of the hat to Mad Men’s consistently clever packaging team–the Season 1 DVD box, shaped like a Zippo lighter, was made of metal) featured an extreme closeup of a crisp white shirt collar like that on the outside of the box–except with a scandalous smear of lipstick, and the cheeky tagline “Getting ad guys out of hot water for generations”–a nod on the notorious womanizers of Mad Men. This simple execution managed to align the brand even better than before with the real reasons people love Mad Men, squeezing in a product benefit (and a little coupon on the back for all those desperate housewives…and househusbands?) while paying oblique homage to the characters and story that make the show great.

Clorox insert back

The back of the Clorox Mad Men DVD insert: "Saves the day while saving you half a buck"

Mad Men Season 2 DVD box

The Mad Men Season 2 box in which the insert came--the top part of the box had a clear cellophane pane just like a shirt box, and the box underneath had a shirt printed on it for a true 3D effect. The shirt's label cleverly reads "Menken's," after the department store owned by Don Draper's client-turned-secret-love


Carry the fire…so we can cook crickets with it
December 28, 2009, 8:39 am
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The Road

Rust flakes and tin-can botulism? Seconds, please!

Stumbled across this great little humor piece about a fictional cookbook based on the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s desolate (and beautiful; much recommended, yall) post-apocalyptic survival novel, The Road. Including indulgent recipes like “Mystery Meat Cooked Over Sterno Flame” and “A Cricket,” and promoted by an editor who expected that it would be “this season’s Julie & Julia,” Cooking on ‘The Road’: Homestyle Recipes From and Inspired by the Film would be funnier (less sad?) if it weren’t totally plausible–I mean, it’d hardly be the first inexplicable and mortifyingly misguided tie-in.